Monday, May 23, 2011

The Race

April of 2008 I ran 13.1 miles in the Oklahoma City Memorial Half Marathon. I will be honest: I had one intention in running the race. My boyfriend at the time was training for the half and I decided to join along with one goal in mind… to beat him.

After 2hours and 5minutes I crossed that finish line 25 minutes before my competition. My goal was met. That day I did more than beat an old boyfriend, I fell in love with running. 
Yesterday morning we hit the road running as a family. All-3-of-us. Even if I am still the most out-of-shape I have ever been I felt great after crossing that finish line. I have set a new goal for myself.

I want to be:

A Wife. A Mother. A Marathoner.

I can’t wait for Brandon and I’s next race. I can’t wait to be beat by my husband, my beloved, my number two: the fastest runner in my books, Mr. Armstrong.

Challenge yourself today.

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  1. Go, Megan, Go! I know you can do it :-)