Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Strom

Last night as the sky grew darker my heart started skipping beats. I have never liked storms. Don't-get-me-wrong I love the rain that comes with the storms, and the cool breeze that's blows when the sky finally clears, but the thunder, lightening, and threats of tornados stress me out big time.

Even as a child I was terribly afraid of storms, and now that I have a beautiful little girl living in my house I think my stress levels get a little higher when I hear Noble County on the weather channel.

Well, the cellar is ready for us if we have to use it. Water, food, diapers, chairs, and blankets await us down there. I have prepared Manny and Sam as much as possible. This could be an interesting night.

I just hope that this weather doesn't interrupt the Biggest Loser Season Finale :)

Stay safe today.

1 comment:

  1. I have lived in MO most of my life, so I am used to the storms/tornadoes. We are in for some bad weather as well tonight! After I said a quick prayer for safety ,I too thought I hope we don't lose single for the Biggest Loser finale...lol.