Thursday, May 26, 2011

Suck It In

My Mom tells me that when I was little I was so tall and skinny none of my pants fit so I had to stick out my: back-then-adorable-little-belly to keep them up. This is a habit that I have been fighting my whole life. I can recall several times throughout my life making eye-contact with my wonderful mother and she would make this gesture to me to suck in my gut.

Well the past 9 months I spent sticking my stomach out. At first I wanted a baby bump so I would stick it out to make it look 2x bigger than it actually was, and then at the end of the 9 months I would suck in and nothing would happen...

Well now that my baby bump has turned into a post-baby-gut I am having to suck in again. I have a feeling that the belly fat that I gained throughout the past 9 months is going to be the hardest to get rid of. Just in time for swimsuit season, perfect.

After trying on every dress in my closet yesterday I finally went with: a too tight pair of jeans and a over-sized-baggy-shirt.

Suck it in today.

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