Friday, July 8, 2011

Must Read


Sometimes my daily posts are inspired by something else I have read online, today I read something that I couldn't have said better myself. So, if you are a wife or mom, or if you want to be a wife or mom you need to click on the link below:

Pursue your husband today.


  1. I read this post today! Dressing up is much harder to do here in the winter when it is 2 degrees! However I made the mental rule to my self when I got married that if I wear "cozy" clothes I must do my hair ( no pony tail) and put on makes me feel better :)

  2. love the comment above about wearing comfy clothes & still "fixing up" your hair & makeup! This is so true!! It's so much easier to just be frumpy, ha! I am going to use that rule! During the baseball season I dress up way more than I do in the winter time so I am going to take her advice!