Thursday, August 18, 2011


This week I have felt 100% disconnected.

I have a confession. For the past 8 months while we have lived in Perry: Brandon and I have been "borrowing" interent. Some gracious person has had open internet and has allowed us to us it whenever and however we like. Horrible, I know...

Well, something tragic has happened. This week our unlimited supply of free internet has been MIA. We have had no-access.

In order to post my blogs, browse Facebook for hours on end, read my daily reads, and look through pages of cloths that we can't afford to buy I have had to hang out at our local coffee shop. Alivia isn't the biggest fan of this. Her little attention span does much better in the comfort of our-little-home.

The call is being made today to AT&T. We are officially going to have our own Internet, and of course, we will leave it open to the public for at least 8 months. Unlimited access here we come!

Fess up today.

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  1. haha :)I'm glad your sharing for a while, that made me laugh!