Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Sometimes when I am feeding Alivia the whole world freezes. Images of the 4 short months we have had together flood my mind. The first time we met eye-to-eye. Her little head on my chest. So new. Beautiful.

I find myself praying everyday that those images are engraved in my mind for-ever. I want the feeling of her little hand wrapped around my finger to linger on my skin forever. I want her smiles to never flee my memory.

I know the day is coming when she will no longer need her Momma so much. The day when she no longer needs me to eat, sleep, and the comfort of my body. So, as that day approaches faster than I ever imagined I am breathing in every second.

Every smile, laugh, roll, coo, snuggle, and slobbery kiss.

Today I am not wasting a second of this life that is passing  before us at hyper-speed

Are you?

Enjoy life today. 

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  1. I am soooo enjoying time with my little ones...they will be grown before I know it!