Friday, August 26, 2011

Road Trip

Here we go.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon packing our bags for the weekend. We are headed out the door this morning for a friends wedding in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Something I never-ever-ever realized before having Alivia is how much "stuff" babies require. Traveling with an-almost-five-month-old-baby-girl is absolutely crazy. The "stuff" we have to take with us grows with each trip we take. I can only imagine the "stuff" that will come with the many-many-more babies I would love to have.

We are going to need a Uhaul for summer vacations!

Praying for an easy drive, and a sleeping baby.

Here are few pictures to catch you up on last weeks happenings:

*Don't worry, Next week there will be a blog about those pretty-looking-donuts on the bottom right.

Go somewhere today.

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