Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Away

Yesterday afternoon as we were driving home from Arkansas, the feeling was so bittersweet. As we all know: good things have to come to an end, and yesterday was the end of a great weekend away.

Friday morning we packed the car up to the brim and headed down the road to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Alivia did great until the last hour of the drive. The last hour consisted of me sitting in the back seat, on the verge of getting car sick, and a screaming princess.

Finally we arrived to our destination and started exploring the town that we would call "home" for the next couple of days. The streets of Eureka were full of shops, restaurants, and people. It was a beautiful place that we enjoyed to the max.

The time away was much needed for the hard-workin'-man-in-my-life. Even though we didn't go to bed until after 11:00 PM both nights, (That's way late for us Armstrong's: We are lucky to make it past 9:00PM on a normal night at home) we felt rested and blessed to spend time with family and friends.

As we were pulling back into town on Sunday afternoon with a fussy little girl in the back seat this bittersweet feeling came over me. I was so sad to see the weekend go. Spending all day together, eating yummy food, spending time with family, going to a beautiful wedding, and falling more in love with each other and our baby girl was so nice, but there was also this feeling of welcome-ness as we parked the car and began getting ourselves back to our normal schedule.

I am embracing regular naps, quiet evenings, dinner-just-the-three-of-us, my puppy, the smell of home today.

Embrace your normal today.

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