Wednesday, September 21, 2011


With each passing day we are getting closer and closer to October 4th. 10-4-11 might just be any-ol'-day to your family, but for this family Oct. 4th is a pretty-big-deal.

October fourth my little princess turns six-months-old. I just can't believe it. I can't believe that 6 months ago today I was bigger than a dump truck, waddling around everywhere, and had extremely swollen ankles. So much has happened in our lives the past six months, and it's just the beginning for our little family.

Miss Liv has no idea what is going to happen to her. She is just days away from her official first meal. She has no idea that the spoon she has been playing with the past couple weeks is going to be used for so much more than playing.

Calling-all-mommas: I was wondering if you made your own baby-food, if so... any advice for a beginner?

Share your secrets today.


  1. I make all of Jossy's food. I either steam everything on the stove or bake it and then puree it in a small blender type thing. I bought containers to put it in but have found it much easier to freeze it in ice trays and cover with plastic wrap. After it's frozen I just put it in a baggie in the freezer and use as needed.

  2. And I can't even believe that she is almost 6 months :)

  3. awww! Have fun with the real is sooooo cute!!

  4. six months! I still remember getting the text like it was yesterday!