Friday, September 16, 2011

Finally Friday

Happy Friday everyone!

Today I just have a few things to share with you: For the month of October I will giving away *free* sponsorship spots on the blog. Click here to learn more about it or click on the sponsor button located right under the header at the top of the blog!

tomorrow is the September 17th. That means make sure to come back-bright-and-early on Monday morning for my 4 month update on mission-get-my-body-back!

this week is the 118th Cherokee Strip Celebration here in little-ol-Perry. There is a 5K that we will be running in tomorrow morning, followed by the-worlds-longest-parade, and tons of fun things around the downtown square. This is huge for small-town-America people!

We are so looking forward to the weekend. Alivia gets to see both of her grandparents, we get to volunteer in one of my favorite places, and I get to spend the whole weekend with Mr. Armstrong.  

What are your weekend plans?

TGIF today!

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  1. ahhh! I grew up in a really small town...I miss small town life!