Monday, September 19, 2011

Four Month Update: Mission-Get-My-Body-Back

Saturday morning  as I crossed the finish line at our local 5K I couldn't help but think how far I have come in the past 4 months. 4 months of hard work, mess ups, healthy eating, and bad choices. I look back and realize I haven't been perfect, and I know I never can be. We-aren't-supposed-to-be-perfect. We can't be perfect, but we can work hard, try harder, and except challenges as they arise in our lives.

Saturday morning, September 17th was exactly 4 months after the morning I laced up my running shoes for the first time after having my baby girl. That day I became a woman on a mission. A mission-to-get-my-body-back! That morning I was weak, and with each month, week, and day that passes I am getting stronger! Each day I am becoming a better mother and wife, and I truly believe that this is only the beginning.

 This month I was preparing for two 5K's. I ran 3 to 4 times a week, but never ran over 3 miles. I am still having some leg pain, and didn't want to over-due-it. My training was successful though. My goal was to finish both of the races under 30 minutes. Sept 10th I finished in 29 minutes and 45 seconds, and Saturday I finish in 28 minutes and 55 seconds, almost knocking a  whole minute off of my time in just one week!

After weighing myself only 4 times in the month of August, this month I slowly started weighing myself again. This month my weight was like a roller coaster. Up down, down up, over and over and over again. I have learned not to let it affect my thinking. It's just a number. I am so much more than a three-digit-number and so are you.

On April 3rd I walked on to labor and delivery floor at Stillwater Medical Center weighing in at 201lbs.
My journey began 6 weeks later on May 17th: 169lbs
June 17th: 160lbs
July 17th: 155lbs
August 17th: 146lbs
and this month September 17th. Three more pounds gone. I weighed in at 143lbs.

I am officially under 10lbs away from having my body back and I am so excited for the next month ahead of me. Our running mileage is headed back up again. We are now in training for a 15K at the end of October, and our half marathon that the beginning of December. Let the running begin.

Start your journey today.
 It's so worth it.


  1. congrats on all your hard work!!! You look fantastic!!!! It has only been 4 months?! stunning :)

  2. You are def rockin' it sista! I'm seriously going to be calling you after our first baby!!!

  3. Your hard work and dedication have paid off! You are certainly faithful to your mission and that is admirable! Thanks for leading the way in fitness!