Tuesday, September 6, 2011


 Over the weekend my baby girl turned 5 months old.

 She is rolling all over the place. She loves playing with her toys. She loves her Papa Bear, and always gives the biggest smiles when he gets home...

Her new-baby-blue-eyes have now chagned to brownish-green (just like her Daddies).

She has offically found her lungs, and enjoys screaming just to hear her own voice. She loves being outside and going on walks and runs. She wants to move more than anything in the world, and I am sure will be crawling before we know it. She still isn't the world's best sleeper, but we are working on it. One day?

And this is our other baby. Manny: Our 3-year-old Maltese. Mr. Jealous. He barks at every little noise, pees all over the house if he doesn't have his diaper on, sleeps right next to me, and enjoys playing with his "girlfriend" (a stuffed white dog, that looks just like him).

I tell him that one day Alivia and him will be best friends.
He doesn't belive me.

Enjoy your family today. 


  1. It's hard to believe she's 5 months old already! Time does indeed fly and I know you guys are enjoying every minute of it. Manny is as cute as ever that little rascal.

  2. she is so cute!!! our son kept his blues eyes ... which is funny b/c I have green and my husband has brown...we tease it is b/c he was born 6 weeks early :)

  3. love, love, love those sweet cheeks & pictures!