Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Brandon and I were called to Perry.

We didn't really know why, but we knew we were called to take a step.
A step out of Stillwater, our comfort zone, our church family, out of the place we met and fell in love, out of the place were our first home together was, out of what we knew.

So, the search began. We began looking for a house in-little-ol-Perry-Oklahoma.
God lead us to the cutest house on the block with 3 bedrooms, a big back yard, and a red-front-door. Everything we wanted. So we took a step.

The day we closed on our house my husband was offered a job based out of Perry with Henderson Coffee Company.. coincidence? No. Another step God wanted us to take.

This has been a hard step. Before Henderson, my wonderful, capable, hard-working husband worked at Oklahoma State Univeristy. Changing jobs meant: leaving everything he knew behind, leaving friends, co-workers, purks (such as the use of the amazing wellness center on campus), and the comfy life we had there behind. Starting a new job meant: doing something he had never done before, not working a 8-5 "normal job", relaying on 100% commission, and smelling like coffee everyday. He took the step.

We are called to take steps of faith everyday. Burdens are laid on our hearts, and our faith is tested.
God wants, calls, and needs us to take steps.

The next step has been laid out before us, and I can't wait to share more about it in the future. Stay-tuned.
Our next step will be more of a leap.

Don't be afraid to step today.


  1. well said!!! I wouldn't mind if my husband cam home smelling of coffee