Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hello there

Hello there, Mr. September. You are finally here.

I have been praying that you would bring cool morning runs, picnics on the weekends with my #2 and #3, beautiful colors of trees, and the excitment the beginning of fall tends to bring after the warmest Oklahoma summer on record.

This past week I have been reminded several times about how precious life is. Our days are numbered, and no one knows that number beside our creator. We are not promised tomorrow. With this said, I am sad to say that the month of August just passed  before me. I feel like the days and nights ran together. No passion. No motivation, but thankfully there was a-whole-lotta-love.

So, the most imporant goal for this month has nothing to do with my waist line, how many hours I am sleeping at night, the ounces of water I consume a day, or my lack of arm muscles. The most important goal for September is:

Live life to the fullest everyday.
{Don't let another moment pass before you. Love Brandon and Alivia unconditionally. Don't waste afternoons laying on the couch. Change how you feel. Discover your passion. Chase dreams. Live.}

The other not-so-important-but-still-pretty-important September goals are:

one: this month we are running in two 5K's. My goal is to finish both of them under 30 minutes.

two: more consisent excerise. The month of August I completely slacked in this area. I know that this is important not only for my weight-loss-journey but also to keep me healthy for my family.

three: do 40 pushups each day. My arm muscles are completely lacking and I have to work on this so I can hold my baby girl. She is getting so heavy, and I know this is only the beginning!

Well, there-ya-have-it. My September goals. My plan is to be a producitive wife and mother this month.

What are your goals for September?

If you don't have any
set some goals today!

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