Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The past couple of weeks I feel like my life has been out-of-control.

My house is out-of-control. Our life is out-of-control. Everything seems to be out-of-control.

I feel stretched thin.

 I feel like a stretch-arm-strong on the verge of breaking. I feel over-loaded, consumed, and lonely.

So, I am on a quest to find balance.

This week I have started setting daily goals. Goals to achieve simple tasks: like making the bed. It breaks my heart because as a new Mom I feel a lot of pressure to not only be the best momma, but also be a great wife, daughter, volunteer, friend, writer, athlete...etc. I am putting this pressure on myself.

I am going to figure this thing out. This new life we have. After all... our life is only going to get busier. More babies, more laundry, more dinners, more cleaning, more things to get out-of-control.

So bear with me today.


  1. It takes time :) my son was a cry-er (as I am sure I have said before) and the bed. laundry, house mess for the first 10 month of his life...but I had a healthy baby ;) You really have to go around there schedule...I was amazed at what I could get done during a 45 min. nap.

  2. Megan!! I am soooo with you on this! Add driving to the list. One could say it's significant time lost...but I am redeeming my driving time into prayer time. We need more don't we?