Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It gets better

Today all I want to say is: It Gets Better

Meeting Brandon, butterflies in my stomach, holding hands for the first time, first kiss, saying "I love you" getting married on the beach, and coming home to each other everyday is amazing. I never thought it could be better, but it is.

This is my better:

Marrying Brandon and then bringing Alivia into our family has been the best part of my life. Everyday I get to have-my-cake-and-eat-it-too.

I am blessed with a browned-haired-man, and a brown-eyed-girl.

I can only imagine how much better our lives are going to get with each little addition to our family, but for now I will celebrate this magical number {3} that our family makes up!

celebrate what you have today.

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  1. very sweet! Love you new blog header...cute family photos! p.s. love your hair :)