Wednesday, November 2, 2011


If you have followed the blog for some time you might remember this post. You know.. the one where were I talked about our financial goals for 2011? The one where I predicted that God was going to move in our finances this year? The one where I threw out a crazy goal of paying our car off this year?

Well, yesterday Brandon and I wrote our last check to the Nissan Motors Acceptance Corporation.
Can I get a what-what?
In 15-20 days we will be receiving the title to our car. Paid off. Done.

Not only that: but last month we paid off one of my student loans. {one-of being the key words}

We did it! Over $10,00 of debt paid off in LESS than a year. To say God moved in our fiances in an under statement.

God, has taken our lives and rocked-our-world.
He supplies all of our needs.
He listens to the desires of our hearts.
He is our provider.

Trust him today.


  1. amen! It is sooooo great to get rid of a car payment!!!

  2. I got chills! $10,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God is SO great! Love it girl! Just like Ramsey says...You have to live like nobody is living now, so later you can live like nobody is living! Or something like that...