Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Weight of the World.

While I was growing up there wasn't much on the TV besides sports. Between boring golf tournaments on Sunday afternoons, March Madness basketball, Monday Night Football, and the World Series I remember watching a few episodes of Dr. Quinn the Medicine Woman, Walker Texas Ranger, and maybe some 7th Heaven if Mom and I got lucky.

The past probably 5 or 6 years though a show has consumed our Tuesday nights. The Biggest Loser. I started watching it on the couch between my Mom and Dad before Brandon came into my life and we now continue to watch it as a family of 3.

I'll be honest. I would watch the show in the past and feel sorry for the people on the show. How could they let their life end up that way. So unhappy, hurting, sick-and-tired of the way they were living. We would watch as Bob and Jillian would scream, curse, and work them to death.

This season has been different for me. My heart aches for every member of the red, blue, and black team. Each Tuesday night my eyes fill with tears for those people and I believe it is because we are fighting the same battle. The truth is: I have let my life end up that way. Unhappy, hurting, sick-and-tired of the way I am living.

I want my story to change lives, just like theirs are. Sure I don't have Jillian Michael's and Bob Harper in my living room, I have something better. I have a Brandon Robertson Armstrong and a little girl that motivates me.

This morning I feel like I have the weight-of-the-world on my shoulders. I want a better life. I want to feel beautiful everyday, not just every-now-and-then. I want to be healthy. I not only want to run, I want to run fast. I want push myself to new heights. I want change.

Change is coming. I am so close to my goal of {135lbs}, but Mission-Get-My-Body-Back is no where near over. You'll see.  

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