Monday, December 5, 2011


Well, last night we rolled back in to Perry after another long-but-wonderful-weekend.
 This weekend we were in Dallas doing this:

{notice Mr Armstrong's shirt pretty much matches the couch...}

{the three of us, we have no idea what we were getting ourselves into at this point}

{early morning waiting}

{my bib, ready to go}

{waiting to start, in the cold rainy weather}

{it was freeeeezing, ran with my trash bag on the whole way: attractive}

{we finished, 2:05:17}

{we are so proud of our Aunt Sarah! She ROCKS!}

Sunday was the Dallas White Rock 1/2 Marathon and despite the cold weather and the rain we had a great time.

There are no words to describe how I feel as a race begins. Sure, I get nervous, but there is something so emotional about running through the start line knowing all the hard work has lead to this very moment. Knowing that for the next two hours I will experience highs, lows, pains, and joys.

It is such a beautiful scene. Seeing people from all walks of life join together to accomplish their goals. Pain aside. Loud cheers from the crowd. Reading signs of encouragement from people you will never get the chance to meet. People telling you thank you as you run by. It's just priceless.

Even though it rained 98% of the time it was a beautiful very-very-very-cold day as we ran through downtown Dallas. I saw beautiful homes and amazing Christmas decorations through the rain drops on my glasses {note to self: contacts are a most, hopefully before our next race}.

March 4: Here we come. 26.2 miles in Little Rock Arkansas.

Bring it on!


  1. agghhh 26.3 miles...I think you rock friend...I know you can do it!!

  2. Proud of yoooouuuu!!! Through rain and pain, you not only rocked it, but you told it who is boss!