Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2 Letters

Hello Mr. Armstrong.
I love you more than chocolate-chip-cookie-dough-ice-cream, french fries, and a good book. You are the mac to my cheese, salt to my pepper, and the peanut butter to my jelly. Sometimes you get on my nerves with all of your coffee machines on my  kitchen counter and the way you clean when I want you to snuggle. But please know I still love you more today than I did yesterday and the day before that. Thanks for making me run and workout when I would rather sit on the couch and eat everything in the kitchen, reminding me to read my Bible, and pushing me to better myself. You are my inspiration, my love, and my #2.
hugs, hugs, kiss, kiss

Hello Little-Ms A,
I love your chubby legs more than a warm winter day. Your rolls make me grin ear to ear. Your curly hair has you wrapped around my finger, and those deep brown eyes of yours have changed my world. I love when you smile, and I would make any silly noise/face to make you do so. You smell so sweet after your baths, I just hope and pray I can always remember that smell. Please remember 15 years from now when I am embarrassing you in front of all of your friends-and-boys that you are my princess and I only want the best for you. So, that means no boys until you are 30, sorry. Thank you for sleeping so much better these days. You are my sunshine, my heart, and my girl.
You are beautiful.


  1. Loving those pictures! Have a fabulous day!

  2. sweet post. I so agree about the no boys until 30 :)