Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The You Can'ts

I have a list of things I-never-thought-I-could-do.

One thing on this list would be eating peanut butter on my pancakes and I have completely perfected that. I am just so sad I wasted 22 years of my pancake-eating-life with just butter and syrup. I have seen the light, thanks to my peanut-butter-lovin-husband.

If you are like me you limit yourself with the "you can'ts".

You can't loose those last 10lbs. You can't do those push ups. You can't fix this. You can't pursue your dreams. You can't run 18 miles. You can't, you can't, you can't.

Well, guess what?
You can. 

We are knee deep in our marathon training, and I am pretty sure I have more aches and pains than an 85-year-old-grandma. BUT that doesn't mean I can't accomplish the goal sat in front of me.

Running has this ability to make me a big emotional ball. I am not sure why, but I imagine it is because I have to push myself out of my comfort zone, push through, and concentrate on the goal. Sunday morning Mr. Armstrong and I laced up our running shoes at 4:00am to tackle something huge. 
18 miles.
At mile six on Sunday I almost had a break down. Not because it hurt, not because I wanted to stop, not because I was weak, BUT because I felt the strongest I have ever felt. Every single "you can't" was gone, and I knew I could.

Note to Self: 
Cross {run 18miles} of my list of things I-never-thought-I-could-do.

Pursue your dreams today. 
Whatever they are. 
You can.

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  1. cute post ;) My husband strongly dislikes the word can't ... makes him cringe