Tuesday, January 3, 2012


My husband is good at a lot of things.

He is a good motivator. He is a good diaper changer. He is a good cook, and cooks way better than I ever could. He is a good coffee man. He is a good husband and father, he spoils us rotten with his love. He is a good runner. He is a good duster... and the list could go on and on and on...

He is also good at posting Facebook statuses that are full of suspense. Things like: "Change is coming" or "Something exciting is happening in our lives and we can't wait to share with you". There is a big problem with Facebook statuses like this: People begin to assume I am pregnant...

Well, Happy New Year everyone, we are not pregnant, but we do have some changes going on in our lives, and they are exciting and terrifying at the same time.

As of January 6th Brandon will no longer be employed by Henderson Coffee Company. After many months of praying and thinking about what God has in store for our lives we made the decision for Brandon to quit his job.

As a family we feel called to the community of Perry.
As a family we feel called to make this change.
As a family we feel called to put aside the desires of this world.

Brandon is going to be taking on more of a roll within our church, and the coffee shop: HeBrews. We are hoping that it won't just be our church we can impact, but other churches in our-little-town.

This change is bringing new things into our life. Part time job-s are in the near future to help ends meet. Our budget is being revisited and decreased, but we know God will provide.

Our goals are:
To unite the churches of Perry Oklahoma for the Kingdom in the year twenty-twelve.
To fill in the gaps.
To provide time to those who need it.
To be out of our comfort zone spiritually and financially.

We are excited about the things that will take place this year through our service. We are nervous about change because we are humans and sometimes it is hard to trust. We are anxious for Friday to arrive and this "season" of our life to end and a new one to begin.

Join us this year, it could be a crazy one.


  1. How exciting! Good Luck and I look forward to watching what God does!

  2. super exciting...you can't go wrong with following God's will ;) Praying for your new adventure!