Friday, January 7, 2011

Things Not To Say

I spend my Thursdays and Fridays volunteering at HeBrews. This is an amazing local coffee shop in Perry. As much as I love spending time with Brian and Tina, cutting veggies, building sandwiches, and eating delicious baked goods something is always said to me about my growing belly.

Most of the time I love the attention. I love answering the question: Is it a boy or girl? I love going into details about her name, when she will enter this world, and how excited Brandon and I are about Alivia's arrival, but there are a few things I don't enjoy as much.


These are just two things you don't say to pregnant woman. Men, listen up. (with my experience the men are the ones always mentioning these wonderful things to me).

1. You are getting bigger. (Obviously I know this is true. I was reminded of it this morning when I tried to bend over and tie my shoes and I felt like I had exercised for a good solid hour. My stomach (and not to mention other areas) is getting bigger, I know this. But I am reminded it of it every second I look down to see my toes and can't, you don't need to tell me).

2. You are going to need a bigger shirt. (Don't compliment a prego woman on the shirt she is wearing and then proceed to tell her she is going to have to invest in bigger clothing before this whole experience is over with. This is also a understood thing. Everyday it seems like more things aren't fitting just right. We know this too).

As much as these comments sting just a little bit, I am so happy that my belly is growing and Alivia is getting bigger. Each passing week is one step closer to holding my baby girl.

Don't be too serious today.


  1. Here's another good "man" comment...."Haven't you had that baby yet?" THE WORST!!! Isn't it obvious? I slugged a guy for saying that to me when I was pregnant. And by a woman? "I have a shower curtain made out of that same fabric." I could have gone my entire life without knowing that.

  2. Haha! Janelle that is horribly funny! I am sure the comments will only get more interesting the longer this journey gets! I am glad I am not the only one that has heard these things! Hope you have a wonderful day!!