Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Well, yesterday was Miss Alivia Nicole's 32 week check up, and we got to hear the most beautiful heartbeat in the world. The-two-of-us. Brandon got to go to this appointment and I feel 100-percent better when he is there with me. Dr. K says she probably weighs about 4 pounds and she could double her weight before her grand entrance in approximately 8 weeks. :)

Yesterday was full of wonderful moments. I got to go to work with the most-handsome-coffee-smelling-man-in-the-world. We spent the whole day together, enjoying the nice weather and each other.

Yesterday was also full of not so wonderful moments. I guess my body has decided to rebel. Throughout my pregnancy I have experienced some swelling of my fingers and within the past few weeks if I spend a lot of time on my feet they would swell a-little too. Well, oh-my-gosh. Mid-morning I took a glance at my feet and my ankles had disappeared. They continued to grow all throughout the day. By the end of afternoon I couldn't even get my shoes back on.

Today, I would like to admit I have a problem. I, Megan Armstrong, have cankles...

Laugh at yourself today.

** A few things are coming up! Tomorrow is His World! Watch out for my amazing husband's blog, and Friday there will be a guest blogger!!! Also, I had to share this picture:

Manny already loves his sister! :) Enjoy Today!

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  1. I know this isn't funny for you and I certainly empathize with your situation. But you do have to admit the word cankles is one of the funniest words ever to you!!