Friday, March 25, 2011


Well, Brandon and I had big plans of getting out of Perry this weekend. The plans probably wouldn't excite anyone else, they were low key, simple, and nothing to really brag about.

First off: We can't go too far. Being almost 38 weeks pregnant the Dr. didn't want us adventuring off anywhere were Brandon would have to deliver Alivia on the side of the road (if I am like my mother, this is still a possibility living in Perry and having her in Stillwater).


Second: It probably wouldn't be the smartest decision to blow all of our money 2 weeks before we bring home a money eater.

So, after much thought (and a week where everything went wrong with Brandon's work schedule) we decided that our get-a-way will have to wait. Probably until Alivia and all of her brothers or sisters are off to college..

Our-new-plan: Our get-a-way is going to take place in the beautiful Perry, Oklahoma. How romantic.

Change plans today.

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