Monday, June 20, 2011

Change of Plans

Well, this morning when my little girl decided to get up at 6:00AM I got out of bed excited for my run. My excitement shortly turned to sadness when I heard the wind blowing from inside the house.

Storms are rolling into Oklahoma again. The wind is blowing like 30 miles per hour, and it was 80 degrees and super humid by six-o-clock. Horrible running conditions. Brandon convinced me to make today my cross training day and run my first 4-miles-straight later this week. (Maybe tomorrow when the high is only 92 instead of 100)!

So, when Papa Bear gets home with are going to do some Plyometrics and Ab Ripper X. P90X-how-I-love-you.

Good News: Last night the Armstrong's registered for the Dallas-White-Rock-Half-Marathon. There is no turning back now. So, in 166 days I will be completing my second half marathon with my husband/trainer/chef/security guard/provider by my side. I am such a lucky woman!

Be willing to change your plans today.


  1. Megan that is so exciting! Go mommma meg!

  2. Sorry you missed your run, but I know you will fit your exercise in. I actually had all my stuff done at HeBrews by 7:30am this morning so I walked around the square 3 times before we opened up!

  3. Thanks ladies! Miss you Kali, and GO TINA! So proud you got things done early and got a few laps around the square in!

  4. I wish my schedule would congeal better with someone else's. AHHH!! I hate exercising alone.