Sunday, June 19, 2011

Papa's Day

Our little girl gave her papa a great Father's day present. She slept for eight-hours-straight last night. It was wonderful. Mom on the other hand woke up twice during the night. I kept getting up to check on our little sleeper. Sometime I feel like a weird-o. All I wanted was for her to sleep and when she finally does I wake up to check on her. Explain that?

After getting out of bed we ran to living room to find two-wrapped-gifts waiting to be opened by Mr. Armstrong. After getting through the packing tape and wrapping paper Papa discovered his first-father's-day-present: A weed-eater and a new pair of Jack Purcell shoes. What could be better than that?

Today I am truly blessed by the Father's in my life. I always knew Brandon would make a great daddy and each day he displays the perfect love a father has for a daughter. I am so thankful I get to watch their relationship grow. It is beautiful.

My daddy-o is probably having the-best-father's-day-ever! As I type I am listening to another great Dad, my brother Jeremy pitch in Colorado Springs. Right now my Dad and Mom are sitting in the stands cheering him on, and hopefully enjoying a 50 cent hot dog they keep talking about! Grams decided to surprise Gramps with a quick trip to see Jeremy. What an awesome 25th Father's day present!

I hope everyone enjoys their: Father/Dad/Papa/Daddy-o's day.

Celebrate your Dad today.

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  1. You aren't a weird-o! It's called being a Momma :) So glad you guys are enjoying your Father's Day! Hugs to you from Arizona!