Monday, August 1, 2011

July Goal Recap

If you remember I set a few goals for July. You can read about them here.

Well, to start out I would like to say, I did not achieve every goal I set out to in July. This month did include failures and successes, but nothing to dwell on. The journey continues.

First goal I set: Sarah's water challenge! CHECK. Everyday in the month of July I drank 3 liters of water which is well over the amount I needed to achieve this goal!

Second goal: Run 8 miles! CHECK. Last Saturday my sister-n-law, my husband, and myself set out for an 8 miler! We completed it and felt great.

Third Goal: Track my calorie count everyday. Well, I was doing great... Then July 30th rolled around (with one day left in the month) I totally forgot to even log into myfitnesspal. I think I had a crazy-mother-moment and my brain just turned off for the day. That is also the day I ate a Cheeseburger and Fries from Red Robin: Turns out that has 1,152 calories in it. OUCH!

Forth Goal: Weigh in the 140's by August 1st. This morning I stepped on the scale two-pounds over this goal, BUT I am so not discouraged by this at all. I set a high goal for myself in this area, and I also took a much needed break last week. I know the day is soon when I can-kiss-the-150's-goodbye!

Did you achieve your July goals? Tomorrow I am sharing my goals for August. Please come back, read, and keep me accountable!

Work hard today.


  1. This is great! You rocked it this month! I am so proud to call you my sister! Love ya!

  2. goals?! Maybe I need to set some instead of an ongoing to do You did great!!! Keep up the good work! p.s. 8 miles?!

  3. You are doing so good. I have a problem setting goals because I feel like I just set myself up for failure that way. I know...I need to change.

  4. Yay Meg! Way to stick to them! If you haven't read the Today's Letters post about her and the MO kayaking race she did to raise money for a friend. Really inspiration about goals! We are wanting to be running 6-8 miles consistently by September 1! Whew!

    You have def been a great inspiration! I know you are working so, so hard to be a momma and a wife, so the fact that you are sticking to your health and working out is so awesome! It make me not want to be lazy and give up :)

  5. Janelle: You CAN set goals & you CAN achieve them! It first starts with believing as if you have already achieved it & using that belief to get you there!! I believe in you & I know Meg & Brandon do too!