Tuesday, August 30, 2011

{Pumpkin Donuts}

Hello there you little-round-orange-sugar-covered-piece-of-goodness. You are so yummy, I can't help but eat you all up and share your goodness with the world.

A couple weeks ago, my sister-n-law posted a recipe for this website. I started looking and my curiosity grew and grew and grew about baking donuts. So what did I do? I packed up the family and headed to "the big city" to find a donut pan. It was a success, despite my negative thinking about living so far away from an actual big city with actual kitchen specialty stores.

I am so beyond ready for fall, so I gave this pumpkin recipe a try. It was fun, easy, and so yummy. I can't wait to be wearing my favorite boots, a cardigan, a scarf and take a big bite of one of thsese guys on a cool fall morning.

Fall, please come ASAP.

Bake something today.

1 comment:

  1. sooooo you had me at doughnut and then I saw pumpkin...my favorite!!!! I need a doughnut pan ;)