Monday, October 17, 2011

5 Month Update: Mission-Get-My-Body-Back

Yesterday we took family pictures, here is one of my favorites! Thank you Chelsey Armstrong!

Well, today is October 17th, and despite my absence the last couple weeks on the blog I am hear to break my silence once again

A year ago today, I am sure I was embracing my bump. I was pregnant. I am sure it was little and cute and the french fries just tasted so-darn-good. Ya see, I was also in school at the time and 3 days a week I made an hour commute for my classes. Each of those afternoons I would make my way to the local chick-fil-a (oh, sweet-goodness-known-as-waffle-fries) get a large order of their yummy waffle fries, bbq sauce, and 32oz water and I would make my way back to campus where I would take a nap in the car while I waited for my evening classes. Believe me, a great habit to start...

This is where it all began, my 60lb+ weight gain while I was pregnant! On April 3rd I went into labor weighing a crazy 201lbs. It is still crazy for me to think Alivia only weighed 8lbs of that... sure there was fluid and other gross stuff that contributed to the pounds, but it was my bad choices and french-fry-craving-baby-brain that caused the outrageous weight gain.

6 weeks after our little girl arrived on May 17th I laced up my running shoes and made a life-style-change. I wanted my body back. That morning I became a woman on a mission: Mission-Get-My-Body-Back! That morning I topped the scales at 169lbs. My first 2 miles as a mom were probably the hardest, but we made it, stroller and all.

Now, 5 months later: oh-how-things-have-changed. Believe me it is not easy. It is easier, but not easy. Our life has changed . Alivia and I try to be active everyday. Even it means we head outside to pull weeds. (She is the best gardener!) It is a daily choice to continue the mission that I have started, and we aren't stopping.

As I imagined the last 5lbs are going to be the hardest, but I know if I would really step up I could do. I will do it.

Brandon and I have officially started training for two races. A 15K, and a 1/2 Marathon. The next couple months are going to be full off pavement pounding. I struggle on the days I have to hit the road by myself. Running with the Papa is so much more enjoyable, but this something I HAVE to overcome, and I will!

So: Here is the run down.

The day I went into labor, April 3rd: 201lbs
The first day of Mission-Get-My-Body-Back, May 17th (Day ONE): 169lbs
June 17th: 160lbs
July 17th: 155lbs
August 17th: 146lbs
September 17th: 143lbs
October 17th: 140lbs

Even though I am approaching my goal of 135lbs I know my journey is no where close to ending. I have many years, a bunch more pregnant bellies to over-come, and hundreds of miles to run. I can't wait.

Enjoy the journey today.


  1. Proud of you hot momma, and yes I can say that word! :)

  2. well congrats on your journey!I have to tell you...with my oldest I gained 30lbs, at my 6 week check up I was back to my pre-baby weight. With my second I only gained 25lb took a few months longer to lose that. NOW I have 20+ weeks to go and I have already gained 23 lb... ouch...I am going to need a person trainer come