Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Stay Little Forever

The day Alivia was born I thought for sure she wouldn't grow up.
I thought she would stay little forever.
If I would have known how fast it was going to go I would have cuddled longer, sang softer, and loved more.
Don't get me wrong I do a-lot of cuddling, singing, and loving, but the little girl that I held just 6-very-short-months ago is gone.
Now I have this little human that is exploring her world, eating cereal, and playing on the floor by herself.
A little human that is just ounces away from doubling her birth weight.

Yesterday we went to the Dr.
"She is perfect"--I like hearing that.
Sure she doesn't sleep all night, but I am okay with that.
It means she still needs me.
I hope the needing never stops.

My baby ate "real food" for the first time last night.
Papa Bear and I took turns feeding her, she didn't really know what to think...
and this was one her reactions:

This morning was a different story.
She took big bites, like she was an ol' pro.
Tears rolled down my face as my little girl ate her first big-girl-breakfast.

Someone please tell me the milestones get easier.


  1. I love that last picture! Ewww what is this stuff! says Liv

  2. Oh I love the last photos! So fun when they start real food!