Tuesday, October 4, 2011

That Mom

I usually have no issue going to sleep at the end of the day.

As soon as my head hits that pillow: I-am-out.

Here is a little secret about me. I require a-lot of sleep. Not only do I get cranky, but my body goes into this shut down mode. I get dizzy, groggy, and can't feel better until I get some-shut-eye.

There were days in high school that I would come home after school and sleep until the next morning. There are afternoons while I was pregnant my little baby belly and I could take 5 hour naps. I just love sleep.

So, imagine my surprise last Thursday night when I couldn't fall asleep. We had a busy day, a day that usually leaves me so very sleepy. We had brushed our teeth, taken our vitamins, and kissed each other goodnight like we do every night. Just one thing was different.

My little girl was not in her pack-n-play two feet away from me.
My sweet little girl was sleeping with her elephants. She was snuggled up in her crib, in her room, all by herself.

That night a big part of my heart was sleeping in the other room and I couldn't stop worrying about her... I guess I am: that mom.

Today my princess is 6-months-old.
Where does time go?


  1. Happy Six Months Miss Liv! Now to big girl food! Oh goodness... I could tear up

  2. This is adorable. Megan, you should know that my in my new job as a travel blogger - I read A LOT of blogs. And, you're not the typical "mommy blogger," and it's quite refreshing! I so enjoy all of your posts!

  3. You are so cute and SUCH a good mom! It's a big step for Alivia to sleep in her own room and, yes, time does go by fast. I know you are enjoying every moment...both waking and sleeping!