Monday, October 31, 2011


This weekend me and my-handsome-man laced up our running shoes for another race... a 15K. That is 9.3 miles people. It was such a success.

Even though we probably weren't as prepared as we wanted to be we finished in pretty good time, and I was happy with our results! We finished the little over 9 miles in one-hour-thirty-two-minutes-and forty-one-seconds.

It was a beautiful morning and a great experience. Our half marathon is in 34 days... for the next 34 days we are in serious-mode.

Pursue your goals today.

**Happy Halloween**
Pictures of my little pumpkin tomorrow!

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  1. And a lot of people are super proud of you and impressed! I'm going to write goals and blog tonight! Thanks for the inspiration you always give!