Monday, November 14, 2011

5 Thoughts

{one} My little girl just ate bananas for the first time, we have officially made it through most of the veggies and are moving onto fruits. Where does time go? Seriously, yesterday I am pretty sure I was holding an 8lb 1oz baby girl, and now she is a real food eating, sitting up, on the verge of crawling human... oh goodness.

{two} After today you will be reading the words of the newest Perry YMCA member. I am so excited, I can barley stand it. Running on the treadmill and working out on the elliptical has never sounded so exciting! Mission-Get-My-Body-Back is going to be on a whole-new-level.

{three} Brandon got a new Christmas CD for his birthday and we have been listening to it ever since= This girl is so ready to put the tree up! We always put it up the Monday after Thanksgiving, just 2 weeks from today!!

{four} The past 2 nights I have maybe gotten 8 hours of sleep, Miss Alivia doesn't want to sleep these days. I am one exhausted Momma Bear.

{five} Will all the moms out there reassure me that one day I will feel normal again? Or is this post-pregnancy, hair loosing, exhausted, belly pooch here to stay? Is this our new normal? I wouldn't trade this normal for anything... although I am pretty sure I offered to pay Brandon $1,000 last night for him to Liv for just-ten-short-minutes-of-sleep.

Happy Monday All.
Enjoy your normal today.


  1. we decorate before Thanksgiving...I can't wait :) Is she waking up to eat or just waking up? I am not sure if she is in her own room...but patting her butt until she falls back to sleep might help...instead of picking her up :) I read a sleep training book with the basic rule once they are in the crib for the night...they stay there...not for everyone but works if you are willing to sacrifice for a few nights : )

  2. Hey Megan. Boy am I with you about being ready for normal to come around again! My sweetie is 5 months, and I'm with you on all of it: unfortunate belly, hair loss, and bleary-eyed! We have a 3 year old, and I remember feeling like we had the world conquered once he slept through the night. (and everything is worse when you are sleep-deprived!) You'll get there!

    Thanks for your comments on my blog!! I'm a new follower, you're writing is so sweet! :)

    Take care!