Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Not Today.

Today my little brown-haired-brown-eyed-curly-q-of-a-girl are spending much needed time sleeping in together, eating breakfast together, playing on the floor together, and sharing sweet smiles.

Some days the need to clean the kitchen, dust the bookcase, and check things off my to-do-list over take our lives. A 7-month-old doesn't really understand why Momma has the vacuum out for second time in one day or why Momma can't read her a book because dinner from the night before is still sitting on the stove, and obviously that is the highest priority.

No. Not today.

She is only 7-months-old once right? SO,
Today is going to be full of giggles, crawling practice, bouncing, singing, and loving. No vacuum. No rush. No to-do-list.

Just me and mylittle girl.

**Tomorrow is my 6 month update for Mission-Get-My-Body-Back! I am nervous about the big weigh-in! Make sure to come check it out tomorrow!**

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