Thursday, November 17, 2011

6 Month Update: Mission-Get-My-Body-Back

It can't be November 17th already, can it?

Well, despite my dis-belief today is the day. My 6 month update on Mission-Get-My-Body-Back. For you that don't know on April 4th the best thing happened to me. I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl Alivia Nicole. Walking into labor and delivery I weighed 201lbs. You see, I gained 60 plus pounds during my pregnancy.  


To say the least seeing that number {201} rocked-my-world.

I would be lying if I said I didn't a few "chunky years" as a kid. In the 5th grade I remember getting picked on like any other kid. Something happened that I don't even remember telling my parents. One day some boys in my class passed me a "note". I opened it and on the inside they had drawn a picture of a cow. The words above the picture said "Megan Hefer". My maiden name is Hefner, and this wasn't the first joke I had received about it, but this one broke my heart. I remember it like it was yesterday.

I wasn't an athlete either. I played softball in the second grade, got hit in the head with the ball one day in practice and decided it wasn't for me. In 6th grade {still in the "chunky years"} I played basketball one season where I made one free throw and was kindly asked if I wanted to be the manager the following year. I tried out for cheerleading twice. In 7th grade 9 girls tried out for the squad and I am pretty sure there were 8 cheerleaders that year, me not being one of them.

It all changed though. Freshman year I grew up-instead-of-out and I remember feeling pretty for the first time. Long legs, short skirts, and boys noticing me for the first time. Never a good thing, but that is a total different story...

What I am trying to get at is I have struggled with my self-esteem for many years now, and I'll be honest looking in the mirror this morning I am still not happy with some of the things I see {I probably never will be}. I see a belly that pooches way-too-much. Jiggly arms... and the list goes on.
BUT I also see a woman that has come so far in six-short-months. I see a woman that works hard, maybe not everyday, but tries. I see a woman that has set goals, accomplished those goals, and is a better athlete than she has ever been. I see a wife, a mother, and a marathoner. A powerful woman that is not done.

6 weeks after our little girl arrived on May 17th I laced up my running shoes and made a life-style-change. I wanted my body back. That morning I became a woman on a mission: Mission-Get-My-Body-Back! That morning I topped the scales at 169lbs.
So, here we go:

The day I went into labor, April 3rd: 201lbs
The first day of Mission-Get-My-Body-Back, May 17th (Day ONE): 169lbs
June 17th: 160lbs
July 17th: 155lbs
August 17th: 146lbs
September 17th: 143lbs
October 17th: 140lbs
November 17th: 137lbs!!!!

I just couldn't belive it this morning when I stepped on the scale!! I needed some motivation, and the hard work paid off, it can for you too. Don't give up! To read all of my Mission-Get-My-Body-Back updates click here.

Look at Megan Hefer now, boys!
Be proud today.


  1. ohhhh yeah!!!! I am gaining weight by the already weigh more now than I did when Elisabeth and Jude were born...and I still have 20 weeks to go...yikes...all for a great cause but i might need a personal trainer come April... ;)

  2. So so proud of you Mrs.Armstrong! The only nickname you can get out of that is STRONG & determined! Oh, and a hot mamma :)

  3. I strive for the same finish line as you Megan...thanks for sharing. You inspire me!

  4. I am so very proud of you. You inspire me so much!! Love ya